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"Thanks  to the THRIVE team, I really enjoyed both sessions with the E Block kids today. I certainly got a lot out of both the talk with Jacko and Te Taki and also with Jenny in the gym. Thanks so much for your awesome mahi."

Pa atawhai

"Jenny, THANK YOU and those lovely fellas for doing this programme for us. It has helped me hugely get a lot of things done that I may not have easily gotten to otherwise.

Love your work Thrive team!"

"MPowa has helped me transition into work" - (Student)

"I have learned something about myself in coaching - thank you for taking the time" - (Student)

*I now have a clearer idea of how to help myself in the future" - (Student)

"Thank you for everything you and your team do. Appreciate your help" - (Parent)

"Good to see someone out there looking after our young ones. Thanks for checking up and asking if there is anything you can do" - (Parent)

"Thank you for reaching out" - (Parent)

"Nice to know there is after school help if he needs it" - (Parent)

"That is very kind of you" - (Parent)

"Thanks for the text and offer of help" - (Parent)

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