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What is it?

The MPOWA Programme has been designed to provide information, advice, guidance and support services to young people, and specifically for school leavers.

The aim of this programme is to see all young people build their confidence and develop skills to steer them towards a successful future.

MPOWA is passionate about complementing the other services that exist in the community, and can utilise local networks to connect youth to the required resources.

The programme acknowledges the relationship between the schools, the community and the local training providers, as well as the private sector.

This service is available to any young person/school leaver from 16 years and older. Our heart is that every young person succeeds in Otorohanga so are open to supporting each individual whether they have just left school, are in further education training, employment, doing voluntary work or are unemployed.


We make contact with our Otorohanga College school leavers and intentionally go about building a relationship with you; to be a positive influence as you make decisions about your future.

Otorohanga College send us through the details of all the school leavers.  As you sign out of school you sign into MPOWA. We first send out a letter to each leaver, then ring to touch base if we have a current contact number to do so.


We’ll ask whether you’d like to go on to further training, need help building a CV or need help finding a job.  If you’ve already got yourself sorted we’ll make a note of that and keep in touch.


If your situations changes, we can work with you again.  MPOWA is here to support you for as long as you need it.

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Where and when?

Venue: 5 Tuhoro Street, Otorohanga

Contact Carole to make an appointment.


MPOWA Coordinator: Carole Coventry


Contact number: 027 215 3331



What's coming up?

I look forward to connecting with all the 2020 end of year school leavers in the next few weeks. But if you need help before then, please get in touch!                                                                                                                                                                           

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