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Verge is an after school programme that provides a safe and friendly environment for youth involving fun games and activities that instil values and life-skills. Afternoon tea is also part of the programme. The cost is $2 each Thursday.


The Thrive Holiday Program (formerly the Harvest Holiday Program) has been running since 2008 out of the Harvest Centre in Otorohanga. The program caters for primary school aged children and happens in the first week of the school holidays during the school terms (not during the Christmas Holidays, our volunteers need holidays too). 

The Lions reach award

The Lions Reach Award is a rock climbing incentive award that has been developed for schools within the wider Otorohanga District, 16 schools in all. This award can be used either as an additional incentive or alongside existing school awards, making it part of the schools culture and programme.

An award designed to motivate and encourage students wanting to be the best they can be.


Our Focus

To provide a safe, caring environment for the youth of Otorohanga where they can be encouraged and helped to grow into lasting role models for their peers, their community and in the future, the world.

Our Vision
  • To have a weekly program that engages all youth through games and activities.

  • To have a youth friendly environment where they feel safe and can “own” it.

  • To engage youth “socially”, talk life and dreams.

  • To provide life skill building blocks through Verge values and through the role modelling of leaders and peers.

  • To instil a sense of self-worth/ mana in the youth of Otorohanga.

Our Guidelines
  • Uphold the Verge Values at all times.

  • Everyone must Sign-in at the start of Verge & Sign-out at the end of Verge.

  • Stay in the Harvest Centre for the whole time Verge is on.

  • Stay off all climbing wall equipment, including the wall.

Our Values


Yourself, fellow youth, all leaders, all property, all guidelines, all values.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”. Have an attitude that considers others as well as yourself. Want the best for others and yourself.



Have strong moral principles. Integrity; know what’s right and always do it.



Have control over yourself. Think before reacting. Actions have consequences.


Connecting with each other

Build trusting friendships with each other by demonstrating the values of Verge.


Inside & Out

Bring a positive attitude, be involved in Verge activities & show that fun is what you put into it.


Every Thursday afternoon from 3:00pm - 5:00pm  during the school term. (Any activities outside of the Harvest Centre will be notified of and permission slips handed out prior to the event.)


All Year 7 & 8’s are welcome to be a part of the Verge programme. In Term 4, Year 6’s are also invited to come and get a taste of Verge to prepare for the following year.


Harvest Centre

5 Tuhoro Street



Harvest Centre

07 8738893

Julian Pope

021 182 1203 

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when & where?

2021 Term 3 Holidays

(first week of the holidays)

Monday 4th October to Friday 8th October.

9am - 1pm each day

Harvest Centre

5 Tuhoro Street



  • $5 a day for kids or

  • $20 for the week for one child or

  • $50 for the week for three children or more.

If parents stay to help their children are free.


Arts, crafts, cooking, rock climbing, games, morning tea, and most recently rides on Toby the Train from Otorohanga Mitre 10. 


For all Primary School aged kids (year 1 - year 8)

The lions reach award



Receiving the Award

The award will be given out twice a term; one in the middle of the term and one at the end of the term.

Redeeming the Award

This also is twice a term, is during school hours and is determined by the school and the Harvest Rock Centre.


Receiving the Award

The awards can be received during class time or at school assemblies.


Redeeming the Award

The award will be redeemed at The Harvest Rock Centre, 5 Tuhoro St, Otorohanga.



An allocated number of students will receive the award midterm and end of term.


The Lions Reach Award is funded and supported by the Otorohanga Lions Club, the Thrive Otorohanga Youth Trust and the Harvest Rock Centre. Therefore all schools can participate for free.


For the school to instil and develop the schools values and core beliefs.

For the students to give students an incentive to learn and achieve.

For the community to show the students they are part of a community that wants to see them thrive in and out of school.


By talking and co-operating with the schools, Lions, Thrive & Harvest Rock.