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Thrive hub incorporates learning hub, and youth coaching

Thrive Learning Hub provides opportunities to complete certificates and retails skills at NCEA level 2.

To provide an opportunity for young people/rangitahi who are out of the school system to achieve NCEA Level 2 qualifications

Students achieve NCEA Level 2 qualification

Improved pathways to future training or employment

Employment possibilities are enhanced

Employers report that young people are either job-ready or training-ready Unemployment is reduced

To provide well-being coaching for Otorohanga College students who require individual mentoring and support to improve resilience, positive self-esteem and confidence in order to become the best they can be.

Students will:

  • Build self-awareness, self-belief, internal resources and resilience

  • Focus on their potential and the future

  • Create their own tool-kit of resources and strategies to use at anytime

  • Set realistic goals towards change

  • Create and achieve steps towards these goals

  • Look for feedback and measure their progress

NZ Certificate in Retail (Level 2)

The Hub Course runs through Thrive Otorohanga Youth Trust.

We offer a Level 2 Certificate accredited through Alphacrucis College, and some Level 2 credits. However, it is dependent on how many credits you currently have as to whether you can gain NCEA Level 2 in 6 Months – and if the work you complete is at a unit standard level.

On completion of Semester 2 (terms 3 and 4) graduates will receive a Certificate in Retail and Employment Skills.

Semester 2 Includes:

  • Retail and Employment Skills – Customer service, cash handling, sales and advertising

  • Team work – Communication, dealing with conflict and attitude in the work environment

  • Health and Safety – Precautions when in a work environment to care for yourself and others

  • Practical Skills – Work experience/employment while gaining credits

We will also cover CV and cover letter writing and prep for job interviews in preparation for you gaining work experience/employment.

The Hub runs:

  • Monday to Thursday from 10am – 2:30pm

  • at the Harvest Centre 5 Tuhoro Street Otorohanga

On Fridays I am available from 9am until 3pm to support learning and other issues as they may arise.

Learning Hub

Learning Styles


Discovering each young person’s learning style to better help them get the most out of learning.

What is a youth coach?

A mentor for college students who help young people to

  • Set realistic goals​

  • Create steps towards those goals
  • Create a space or an environment in which change can occur

  • Look for feedback and measure progress

  • Build self-awareness, self-belief, internal resources and resilience

  • Focus on their potential and the future

  • Create their own tool kit of resources and strategies to use at anytime

  • Be empowered to plan and take steps on a path towards change, support people to move forward on their journey through life

Youth Coach

Where and when?

Venue: Otorohanga College and Harvest Rock Centre


Coordinator/Tutor: Jenny Edwards


Contact number: 027 242 7936



Building confidence so that Kiwis can fly

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